Lewis Sternberg
Star Mountain, Inc.



I have a strong background in functional verification since 1999 when I taught and performed verification methodology (using Verilog and VHDL) for Qualis Design Corp. While at Qualis I helped clients with their test plans and coding, including BFMs in HDLs as well as the e language and Specman.

In 2001 I formed my own (one man) contracting firm, Star Mountain, Inc. My clients have included IBM, Intel, TI, LSI, MIPS, Boeing, Xerox, and PMC-Sierra. The work I have done with my clients has included:

  • ASIC Functional Verification using OVM, UVM, Specman, SystemVerilog, VerilogAMS, VHDL, and whatever else it takes:
  • Analog-Mixed Signal functional verification
  • Test-Bench Architecture
  • Bus Functional Models (BFMs)
  • Re-working legacy code
  • Reusable code (OVM, UVM, eUVM)
  • Conversion of HW Specs to Test Plans, and Test Plans to e code and coverage items
  • FPGA coding and testing
  • HW lab: debugging and repair

While it doesn't show on my resume, I designed HW instrumentation at Tektronix' research labs a number of years ago, so I'm quite comfortable in the lab too. Really what I do is:

  • interface with people well,
  • come up to speed quickly, and
  • keep my projects on-time, under-budget, and out of the critical-path




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