Contracting FAQ Sheet
Lewis Sternberg

Are you legit?

Absolutely. I'm incorporated in the State of Oregon (Star Mountain, Inc). I've been contracting since 1995. Worker's comp. The works.
Does your company require a pass-through agency? I can work with that too.

Can I depend on you?

Absolutely. I have never left a contract until the P.O. ran out. As long as you have work for me to do (and money for me to do it) I'll be there. I have been on contracts longer than employees! (And I won't consume your management time.) When the job is done, I'll leave with a smile and a handshake.

Will you relocate?

The bay area is a short flight away from Portland. I can be on-site for a couple of weeks to come up-to-speed and then come in as needed after that -- up to 3 days each week.

I normally work quite independently -- in many ways it's no different than how things work when I'm in a cubicle 5 days a week.
Are you farther than that? Let's talk.

Will you consider regular employment?

Someday the contracting business model may no longer be viable. At that time I will be quite grateful for an appropriate position.

Have a favorite question I left out? Send it to me: lewis_jobs <@>


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